Are you interested in creating street art?

A few lucky graffiti artists will be offered an opportunity to create street art on the facade of Brick Studios, Masthamnsgatan 3.

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Do you want to be one of the lucky few to create art on our facade?

Between November 7 and 20, NCC is looking for graffiti artists who want to brighten up the lower section of the facade at Brick Studios. We want you to submit pictures of three of your best graffiti pieces, the ones you are most proud of. There is no need to create something unique for this competition, but rather we want to see the breadth of your graffiti art – graffiti that you have already produced.

To participate, complete the form at the bottom of this page and upload images of your graffiti. As a graffiti artist, you may only compete with graffiti pieces that you have created yourself.

Eight graffiti artists will be chosen. These eight will then be tasked with preparing sketches of what they want to create on the facade. The sketches must be submitted in January 2023 as instructed in the e-mail sent to the selected artists.

The jury comprises:

Soumia El Ghazouani, NCC Property Development, property developer
Jonathan 'Ollio' Josefsson, artist and graffiti artist
Karolina Claesson, Mindpark, interior designer
Mattias Lind, head architect of Brick Studio
Adelina Lundell, Älvstranden utveckling, process leader sustainability
Per Osvalds, urban development department, City of Gothenburg, plan architect

By submitting your work, you agree to the publication of the material in social media channels and online by NCC and Brick Studios.

GDPR: All of your personal data submitted as part of your entry into this competition is used by NCC solely for this purpose and is not shared with other unauthorized parties.

Creating the street art

A few graffiti artists will be able to create street art on the lower section of Brick Studios. One of the spaces is situated on the low section of Brick Studios on Masthamnsgatan and the other space faces the road. Click here for a more detailed description of the facades.

Initially, the jury will choose eight graffiti artists who will be tasked with preparing sketches of the proposed graffiti they want to create on these long facades. Each selected artist will receive a fee of SEK 10,000 excluding VAT for this sketch work.

From these finalists, between two and six graffiti artists will be chosen. These graffiti artists will be given the opportunity to turn their sketches into real graffiti art. The selected graffiti artists will share a fee of SEK 200,000 excluding VAT. NCC will pay for paints and costs for the skylift when the graffiti artists are painting the facade.

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Submission of your entry


NCC will accept submissions for consideration by the jury until November 20. We will only accept entries in digital format submitted using the form on this page, which must also be used to upload images of your graffiti pieces. When the deadline for submissions has passed, the jury will meet to jointly review the entries and then select eight graffiti artists. The chosen artists will be emailed instructions about what they are expected to do.

Selection of eight artists


The eight graffiti artists selected by the jury are given about 1.5 months to prepare a sketch of what they would like to do on the low facade at Brick Studios. All eight individuals will receive e-mails with instructions concerning the sketches and how and when these are to be submitted to NCC. Each selected graffiti artist will receive a fee of SEK 10,000 excluding VAT for this sketch work. Entries that do not progress to the next stage will be informed of this by e-mail.

The final selection


In early February 2023, a second jury meeting will be held when between two and six graffiti artists will receive the honor to create their pieces on the facade at Brick Studios, Masthamnsgatan 3. The chosen graffiti artists will be contacted in February by e-mail and phone. Next spring, when the weather permits, the graffiti artists can be creative on the facade. The exact date will be decided in discussions between the graffiti artists and NCC. NCC is responsible for overheads as stated above. A single fee of SEK 200,000 excluding VAT will be shared between the chosen artists.


Take part by completing the form and submitting images of your best graffiti art. Note, that we only accept entries that use this form, digitally, between November 7 and 20, 2022. You may only submit one application with up to three images.

NCC staff as well as family members and relatives of the members of the jury may not take part.

The jury’s decision is final and may not be appealed.

We look forward to receiving your entries!
Your friends at NCC and the jury.